Running the container

To run the application we will execute the following Docker Compose commands:

docker-compose build atlassian-connect

Run the application container in the foreground and live stream the logs to stdout. If you hit an error hit Ctrl+C, make updates to the Dockerfile and re-build the container using docker-compose as described below.

docker-compose up atlassian-connect

To preview the application you will need to click Preview from the top menu of the Cloud9 environment. This will open a new window and pre-populate the full URL to your preview domain. The application outputs a JSON payload similar to this:

  "key": "jira-data-provider-aws-addon",
  "baseUrl": "http://localhost",
  "name": "AWS Code Suite & Jira Software Cloud Integration",
  "description": "Example AWS & JSWC Integration",
  "vendor": {
    "name": "Amazon Web Services",
    "url": ""
  "authentication": {
    "type": "jwt"
  "lifecycle": {
    "installed": "/installed",
    "uninstalled": "/uninstalled"
  "modules": {
    "jiraDevelopmentTool": {
        "url": "",
        "application": {
            "value": "AWS CodeCommit"
        "logoUrl": "",
        "capabilities": [
        "name": {
            "value": "AWS CodeCommit"
        "key": "codecommit-integration"
    "jiraBuildInfoProvider": {
        "homeUrl": "",
        "logoUrl": "",
        "documentationUrl": "",
        "actions": {},
        "name": {
            "value": "AWS CodeBuild"
        "key": "codebuild-integration"
  "scopes": [